The DIgitAL sideshow
Why InteRactivE arT?
tHe ArtiSts

Photo by Vicky Kent

Owen Lowery is an interactive artist currently working towards an MFA in Communication Media Arts at Ohio University. In fact, The Digital Sideshow is his thesis project.


Owen aims to elicit acts of play and curiosity in adults and children alike through creating interactive environments in unexpected places. He tries to bridge the physical and the digital using super cheap second hand materials that nobody is all too worried about accidentally breaking if they touch, push, shove, or knock over. He absolutely loves the trend of hodge-podge creatives mixing STEM and ART but hides both  in his own work under a thick messy layer of kid objects and nostalgic references.


Before his shift towards interactive art, Owen was an animator and motion graphics designer working with clients like The Second City Chicago and Conan O' Brien. He taught motion graphics at Columbia College Chicago, created online courses for Learning, and  volunteered with awesome organizations like 826chi, GirlsRock! Asheville, and the Athens Makers.


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Hope Moore is a media artist living in Athens, Ohio, working toward a master's degree at Ohio University with a focus in immersive media design and digital game development.


She loves taking art to another dimension and connecting creative ideas through interactive multimedia. She wants to make still images move, make moving art controllable, and make flat things have depth. She wants people to realize the world is a sandbox, so why not use art and stories to learn through exploration and play? Why not bring our ideas, thoughts, and dreams into the physical world, learning new things in the process? Why not make a version that's too tall, too fast, too slow, too backward, too inside out? It's through  playful experiments and meaningful messes that we start understanding how everything is connected.


Before returning to interactive media arts, Hope served as an instructional designer for eight years. Before that, she earned degrees in interactive multimedia, digital filmmaking, software development, and journalism. Hope has provided multimedia training and design for several central and southeast Ohio colleges and non-profit organizations.


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Adonis Durado spent most of his career working as a visual journalist in the Middle East before he decided to pursue graduate studies at Ohio University in 2018 as a Knight Journalism Fellow.


He was the former Design Director and Chief Creative Officer of Muscat Media Group, publisher of two major dailies in Oman. He also operates as an adjunct design consultant with clients in Africa, Asia, and Europe.


His personal work received more than 100 awards, including highest honor from the Society for News Design, the Society of Publication Designers, the Type Directors Club, the Society of Illustrators, Malofiej Infographics Awards, and WAN-IFRA Media Awards.


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Nicki Mazzocca is a “townie” of Athens, Ohio and centers her work around the love and connection between people and place. She's a bit of a kitchen witch, brewing together Appalachian storytelling and new technology just to see what happens. She believes Appalachians have a compelling connective tissue of stories to tell and they should be the ones telling them.


Her work aims to join programs within communities (Little Cities of Black Diamonds and The Winding Road) to learn more about local storytelling, tourism, community efforts, and how these might  benefit from immersive and interactive mediums.


Before returning to Ohio University for her Master’s degree, Nicki worked in Chicago theatre for ten years as an actor and director with The Black Ship Company, Three Crows Theater, and (re)discover theatre.  In her time with (re)discover, she fell in love with immersive and interactive performance, and was fascinated by the powerful responses of audience members. She hopes to capture some of that magic and bring it to her current practice.