The DIgitAL sideshow
Why InteRactivE arT?
 eXplorE CreAtive COding

In this learning path you will explore creative coding with Processing.


Processing is a free open-source software sketchbook and programming language created for artists who have never coded and want to learn.


To the right are links to some of the best video tutorials and playlists for learning Processing. Below is a series of video adaptations for the Drawing with Code workshop presented as part of The Digital Sideshow. In this series you can explore a simple interactive drawing sketch and experiment with it's settings and code.

Downlaod Project Assets

Download Processing

Hello Processing - Perfect for First Time Coders

The Coding Train - Ongoing Youtube videos with new challenges and lessons from creator of Processing.

Processing Site Tutorials - Lots of learning from beginner to advanced.

openFrameworks - A more advanced creative coding platform targeted at Apple users.

Scatch - Scratch is a block programming platform created by MIT for young children.

Drawing With Code - Video Tutorials