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Why InteRactivE arT?
GAmes & Virtual Reality

Both video games and virtual reality tend to be created with games engines  (game software that incorperates physics in some way). Most game engines are free or very low cost if you're not selling your games, which is super awesome. But they are a little complex to learn for beginners. Still, there are several options out there, some easier to get started with than others.


Simmetri is newer and more beginner friendly, has really fun tutorials you can do in the software, and was created specifically for VR and XR (Extended Reality) projects, but costs $20.


Below you'll find a few itnroductory tutuorials  we created to introduce Simmetri and get you started with their fun and awesome in-software tutorials.


Unity is free, very popular, and has a lot of learning resources for making games and VR, but is a little more complex to learn. Many Professional games are created by large teams using the Unity Game Engine, but so are many independent mobile games.


Unity offers some amazing learning paths for beginner users with in-software training through building a game. The first step is downloading and installing the Unity Engine, and we recommend doing so through their First-Time User Guided Learning Path. This is a great way to get started.


Below you'll also find a set of Unity tutorials for building your first simple game in a 3D physics based environment by Youtube instructor Brackeys. These are a great way to dabble and see if Unity is right for you.

Simmetri - The $20 user-friendly fast track to Virtual reality
Unity Course - "How to make a video game" by Brakeys