The DIgitAL sideshow
Why InteRactivE arT?
THe digital LouNge An IntroVerts RetreaT

Yes, immersive and interactive digital artwork creates quite a stimulating environment. One might even call it an "over" stimulating environment. But don't you worry fellow introverts, a restful escape that allows you to still participate in the experience will be available in the form of The Digital Lounge.

The Digital Lounge will be an area of rest and soothing interactions. One might sit on a rocking chair that will play soothing music and soundscapes triggered by their rocking, or perhaps you'd like to sit on a bean bag chair by the projection mapped cardboard fire place. There will even be a romantic porch swing projecting a nighttime skyline with an Aurora Borealis Northern Lights show responsive to the subtle motion of the swing.


Several solo-interactive sitting stations will be available that allow single users to experiment with and control generative art and interactive mirrors via video game controllers, voice, and body motion. Check out some of the visual tests of what might be up at the sitting stations below.