The DIgitAL sideshow
Why InteRactivE arT?
The Living CanVas Some say art imitates life, but what if it literally did just that? The Living Canvas is an ongoing piece of collective, generative, user created art. This piece of interactive digital art aims mimics life through sound, imagery, and textually repeating words it hears back to its viewers. All the wile aiming to do what all art aims to do, communicate ideas and emotions in the only way art knows how, through abstraction. Participants move in front of an framed interactive piece of art, the outline of their body smearing colors across the screen. Abstract visuals slowly build and are added to the portrait based on their motion. The longer one interacts with the screen, the more impact their body will have on the outcome of the art. Each time the Living Canvas is exhibited, the piece starts where it previously left off, continuing the development of this collaboration indefinitely.

Images created by The Living Canvas through interaction